Don’t Let Invasive Weeds Take Root In Your Yard!

Dalmatain Taodflax

Don’t let invasive weeds take root in your backyard

We’ve heard your concerns, so this summer we will be offering cost free invasive weed removal services in select California communities where invasive weed populations have been taking root. We want to assist you in the removal of the weeds that have been identified as priority weeds by Basin invasive weed managers before they continue to invade your property and neighboring landscapes.  Follow this link to learn how to identify some of the priority invasive weeds in the Lake Tahoe Basin. If you think that you may have one on your property, please contact the Tahoe RCD, to verify the weed species. Then we will either provide you with a control strategy or we will roll up our sleeves and help you remove them.

What are invasive plants?

Invasive plants can grow and spread aggressively, choking out native and other desirable plants. The majority of non-native plants do not pose a threat to our Tahoe environment, however there are some that thrive in our climate and produce vast seed banks, have vigorous root systems, and lack natural predators. These characteristics enable these invaders to out-compete native plants and harm our natural environment. When left unchecked, they can impact wildlife communities, increase wildfire potential, accelerate erosion, and degrade native plant populations, water quality, land and recreational value.

Why you should care

In the Lake Tahoe Basin, we have relatively low invasive weed populations which we can control with diligent prevention and control measures. You can made a difference by learning how to identify and manage invasive weeds including preventing their unintentional spread to new locations. Simple measures like removing seeds that cling to your clothing, bicycle or dog can prevent the spread of invasive weeds. If you are a gardener don’t plant of share invasive plants, no matter how pretty or easy to grow. Also, if you are bring materials to your property such as soil or rock, make sure that it is certified weed-free.  As you learn more about the importance of controlling invasive weeds, please spread your knowledge with your neighbors, friends and co-workers. The more we know, the stronger we can fight the threat of invasive weeds one yard at a time.

Kudos to the South Lake Tahoe community

Last summer over 33 tributaries were monitored on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, 255 acres of terrestrial weeds were mapped and over 3,000 weeds manually removed by volunteers. Don’t miss out this year!  The Tahoe RCD will be organizing more community stewardship events. If you would like to be contacted sign up on-line or give us a call. You can also stay informed by visiting our website calendar where we will be posting various stewardship opportunities.

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